Notes From The Field....... 

The latest release is a duo recording with the amazing drummer Clive Deamer. The record will be titled LOVE NOTES IN BINARY CODE.  As you may know, Clive is the drummer in Radiohead, Get The Blessing, Portishead among other stellar groups. It was a fantastic full-day marathon session recorded in Bristol England last year and I really do hope you'll enjoy the results. The recording will be released  on the UK based DISCUS label and is availible worldwide.

Second, I composed a solo guitar piece for public television here in the US called Trailblazers. The documentary takes place during the Great Depression in the United States and focuses on Franklin Rosevelt's plan to hire workers to build the trail systems in the west. A very special and fascinating time in the history of the United States both economically as well as socially. The documentary will air sometime in March of this year. 

Third, I have a composition being released as part of a compilation project entitled Meta-Guitar 5. The series is produced by one of my favorite guitarist/composers and people Elliott Sharp. The recording highlights various guitarists from around the globe who work in contemporary music. The piece is composed for prepared Requinto guitar ( a short-scale instrument heard often in South American trios ) and was originally released on the Burning On A Sea Of Ghost recording a few years back. 

As you may know, I'm a massive fan of African guitar and the nomadic culture of the Saharan diaspora, and the sound is a tribute to that region. The piece was written in Sicily during a self-imposed writing break and recorded at the iconic Real World Studios in Bath England the same year. My good friend Patrick Phillips who recorded the 'Ghosts' record is also the recording engineer for the new duo recording with Clive coming out this year. The Meta-Guitar 5 record will be released on the Austrian label KLANG music.  

Lastly, I'm after a winter hiatus I'm starting a new large scale composition based around the life of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Indians. It's something I've been dreaming about for a few years and after a little wintertime contemplation, It's time to start. I'll make sure to keep everyone updated on the details and progress... 

Peace, C